Who are We?

We are a group of Enthusiastic youngsters who like to contribute to the world of pets.


Being pet lovers, we were hard hit by the fact that most of the pet lovers across the globe did not know what actually are the best products for their pets. The blame not on the pet owners, but the problem is:

  1. Pets can’t always tell what exactly they like or need.
  2. So many brands and products are available online and offline in the market that it’s very difficult to decide what exactly to buy for the pet.
  3. Products that should be made available to the pet does not only depend on the brand or quality but many other factors else contribute like Pet Breed, nutritional requirement of pets, region the pet is living in etc.

How do we help?

We wanted people all across the globe to be benefited from our experience and understanding of the pets. We consider our pets as our own family members and wanted to share our ideas and our well-researched knowledge with others to help them select the best for their pets. The purpose is not just to help the pet owners but also to help the pets across the globe.