If you have a cat in your house you might be well aware of box fights. In fact, you might even quarrel with us if we speak a word about it. And, the war would be never-ending about the fact that your house would smell fresh like there is no feline pine litter box in the premises. Now, if you are experienced, you might have tried a lot of feline pine cat litter before. Searching for a good alternative that can clump and is convenient to clean and would reduce unwanted odors can be super tough. So, today, we are going to dig in deep and learn about the pine cat litter pros and cons and other things associated with it. 

feline pine litter


Pine pellet cat litter is a product that is curated from wood pulp. The wood or the pine is pressed, grounded and then sanitized thoroughly. Now, it is prepared into a pellet form which is what you’ll get when you purchase it from the market. Whenever your cat utilizes this box, the moisture would help in breaking down the wood pellets which would further absorb all the liquid. The natural scent of the pellets would reduce the bad odor and other unpleasant smells released. 

This litter is super lightweight and can be easily flushed down the toilet commode. Also, the best part about these pellets is that they won’t really clog the pipelines. 

The pine cat litter pros and cons are as follows:


  • Eco-friendly and natural
  • Urine odor control system and no dust
  • Safe like clay and can be flushed down easily
  • It is super affordable 


  • Not too effective for poop smell
  • Does not clump like clay

feline pine cat litter


Juxtaposed with other litters, pine litter is a safer alternative. For instance, clay is the most famous litter box for felines. Although it is natural it can affect the overall climate in an intense manner as it is produced by cutting through the natural resources. 

Pine litters, on the contrary, are made up of wood pulp. Hence, there are no products that got wasted during the curation procedure. This means that it is a natural product and can be recycled and renewed again. Some of the benefits of pine cat litter boxes are:

  • Better cleaning
  • Less shopping and saves time
  • The pellets last longer which eventually saves your money


To honestly answer this question, yes, it’s absolutely safe for your cat. In fact the safest! It is very vital to note that if you have a finicky cat, they won’t always try out new things such as pine litter. On a majority basis, they may seem okay with pellets especially if you start them on it while they are kittens. 

Pine is a good option when compared to other litters. Clay litters can cause impaction in your cat’s stomach which can leave it infected. Luckily, this isn’t the case with pine litters. 


Whenever we talk about wood pellets, a sifting style box is the best choice. These boxes contain a pan with little holes that are placed on the upper side of the box. All you need is to just lift up the box and shake it well, so that the litter falls down the cracks while the waste stays on the upper side. But, due to the fact that pine pellets work differently, the pine pellets would be there on the upper side and the dust would fall through the holes. 


It comes with two trays: Lower tray and upper tray. Firstly, you need to put the pellets on the upper tray as soon as your cat pees into it, the sawdust will fall to the lower tray. Another good perk about it is that your feline won’t walk over the sawdust, which means that the opportunities of tracking are way lower than the usual litter boxes. The system isn’t full cleaning but your work would definitely become easier by using this. 

pine pellet cat litter


Now that we know everything about pine litter, we can now move to the most crucial stuff which is the overall virtue of the product. Let’s dig into the most important aspect. 

  • Odor Control

Keeping the smell of urine, poop and ammonia as low as viable is vital. Not only does it keep the home experience pleasant but also your cat might find a better place to use other than the bathroom. 

This litter box never utilizes artificial smell to remove odor. It uses wood pulp to neutralize and reduce the unwanted smell of urine and ammonia. The greatest challenge is prevention of poop smell. Another important factor is the pine smell. Depending upon your choice. The woody smell might be strong. So, always see what brand you choose. Remember that the smell should be strong enough to mask the smell of urine and poop. 

  • Clumping

Clumping litters are the best as they make your work easier. Instead of cleaning the entire content in the cat box every week, you simply need to scoop out the hard clumps that are formed by the moisture in the box. The harder the clumps, the better odor control you’ll get. 

Pine litter is infamous for not clumping. Today, you’ll find simple Pellet litters that can dissolve all the waste and turn down to clumps. However, they are harder to find and can be more expensive than the average litters. 

  • Pine Litter Tracking & Dusting

In case your cat is suffering from respiratory diseases then a dusty litter can be a massive issue. Even if it does not suffer from anything, it can still be cautious to your cat’s lungs or nose. The silica containing dust can also cause lung cancer. When it comes to pine litter, there are no chances of any dust. 

Cat owners should definitely use pine cat litters. It is super affordable and trustable. The pine litter lasts long and is a super economic option to proceed with. 

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