Being affectionate and laid back, ragdolls are great for families with children. Ragdoll cats give out a lot of love, but they also need their family’s portion of love. Ragdolls are healthy and large cats and weigh up to 7-9 kgs. They are a breed with blue eyes and a soft and silky body coat. They are best remembered for their friendly nature and calm temperament. But the main question is “are ragdoll cats hypoallergenic?”.

Ragdolls are wonderful companions and will follow you everywhere like a soft shadow, looking for affection and care. Despite their down-to-earth characteristics, their needs must be met. A long-haired ragdoll cat doesn’t like to be left alone for a long time else to get bored quickly. They never appreciate changes in their meal schedule or home environment, as they like to stick to the same routine. However, there are various points that you should know if you are planning to adopt a ragdoll cat.


Long haired ragdoll cat comes under the long-haired breed of cats. Their luxurious undercoat is one of their most delicate body features. The Ragdoll coat may look different from other cats of their breed. Few Ragdoll cats also have long guard hairs making them distinct from the usual cats. 

 Things to keep in mind are:

  • Are ragdoll cats hypoallergenic?
  • Do ragdoll cats shed?

Let us read further to know more about ragdolls.


  • Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

In case you’re getting a ragdoll cat and thinking, “are ragdoll cats hypoallergenic“, let us tell you that they are not! Ragdolls don’t have an undercoat or medium coat which automatically makes them non-hypoallergenic. This undercover lessens the risk of allergic reactions for individuals who are allergic to cat fur (dander). Are ragdolls hypoallergenic is one crucial question every individual raises before getting a ragdoll. The concern is real but rest assured they aren’t hypoallergenic as they don’t have an undercoat. 

  • Shedding

Just like shedding of hair is natural for human beings, so it is for cats. Cats usually shed because of distress, low diet, wrong medication and infections. Usually, cats tend to shed the most during the spring season as their bodies prepare for seasonal swings. 

  • Do ragdoll cats shed? 

Shedding is a topic that turns up often when we are searching for a perfect pet addition for our family. So, when it comes to Ragdolls, it’s no different! So, do ragdoll cats shed? The answer would be, yes, Ragdolls cats shed! They shed less than any average cat because they don’t have much of an undercoat which is one of the most significant contributors to how much your cat will shed. 

Now that you know how much do ragdoll cats shed, you need to find ways to stop this. Firstly, you need to pay closer attention to your cat’s diet. Another great practice would be to brush your ragdoll frequently. Brushing your ragdoll cat at least once a week would let you get rid of those loose hairs. After brushing the coat, remember to run your hands over their fur to make sure nothing comes off in your hand. 

  • Grooming

It is effortless to groom your ragdoll cats because you don’t have much to do as ragdolls take care of themselves. Hence, that’s the reason people say that it is easy to keep them as compared to other breeds. 


Known for their propensity to be lap cats and be carried around without disturbance, Ragdoll cats are fan-favorites in the considerable cat world. Their easygoingness is the thing of legends. This was everything necessary that is a must-know for anyone who is planning to get a long haired ragdoll cat

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