Does your pet doggie pees around in the whole house and is very difficult for you to teach him where exactly he should pee? Or do you live in a big complex and don’t have a garden or any other “spot” for your dog to poop or pee? If you plan to get a dog, then it is very important to select a nice and high-quality indoor real grass dog potty box with good quality. You should choose artificial grass which feels almost like the natural grass and doesn’t itch your dog’s body.

Yes, potty training is important, like any other training. Initially, it would require some patience and effort to teach your dog to poop and be relaxed on the artificial grass. But, gradually, when he gets a hold of it, everything would be worth it at the end.

fresh patch vs doggielawn


When talking about Fresh Patch vs DoggieLawn, we need to read some facts. 

  • Facts about Doggielawn
    DoggieLawn constitutes real grass. As soon as you open the box, your room would be filled with the smell of the earthy grass. DoggieLawn has hydroponic fodder, which means natural grass without any soil dirt on it. This grass absorbs liquid poured on it, but you need to scoop off the poop yourself. Another great thing about DoggieLawn grass is that it neutralizes any kind of smell.
  • Facts about Fresh Patch
    Fresh Patch is almost the same as doggieLawn and has a real grass dog potty box. The grass on the Fresh Patch is Hydroponic as well. The area of this pad is equal to a large mat present in your house. The grass that is present has the same smell as the original one, and it also absorbs uneven odour. You can easily scoop off the poop, and you can do it once every day. But, fresh Patch is comparatively smaller in size than DoggieLawn. 

However, experts suggest that DoggieLawn is better. 

real grass dog potty box


Your pet has a habit of playing and moving around in real grass in the garden. Hence, he will easily get attracted towards the real grass patch for dogs and will take lesser time to get comfortable peeing there. 

Real grass patch for dogs absorbs bad smell which is an important feature for grass box for dogs. Natural grass is suitable for pets who are picky about the place they pee. This grass reminds them of places they have peed before. Real grass makes it easier for the owners to train their pets to pee on the potty pad. Moreover, synthetic grass boxes are cheap and economical, but the urine gets beneath the grass, and your pet dog can leave pee prints in your house, which can be absurd.



There are various benefits of using indoor potty pads for dogs such as:

  • Your pet can use the potty pad for the whole year, and there is no need to fertilize it. Also, there are no dangerous residues present that can harm your puppy.
  • Artificial grass acts as a great training aid for your new puppy. It enables you to either train the pet on it or move it steadily towards the door until your dog himself learns to go out. 
  • If your dog is old and cannot easily get outside or down, they can have a pee space close to them.


Whatever method you select to provide your fur buddy with an indoor potty pad, you need to keep it clean and sweet-smelling so that your pet is more than happy when he uses it. 

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