It can be great to pet a hamster on compulsion. After all, these little guys are a whole lot of cuteness-round, furry and intrusive. Hamsters make great pets for families because they don’t require much maintenance, and they are super fun to play with. In case your child is ready to care for a pet, you can surely go for hamsters. But, it would be best if you always took care of their nutritional needs for a healthy life. Providing hamsters with a balanced diet is a basic of hamster care. Knowing which foods are safe and in what quantities would increase the likelihood of your hamster. 

One question that comes to the mind of every hamster owner is, “do hamsters eat hay”?. The answer is YES, some hamsters definitely eat hay, and some only use it as a bed because it is so soft and whippy. At least when we compare it to the wood beddings. However, hay isn’t that important for hamsters as it is for rabbits and guinea pigs. Hay provides a lot of nutrition to them in the form of fibers and minerals, but it is also ok if they haven’t seen a single straw of hay in their whole life. Most of the hamsters will be ok with it somehow by using it as grass or soft bedding. Some hamsters can also chew it down their teeth, and some might ignore it.

 Let’s see what all you should know before giving hay to your hamster and what types are great for them. 


If you are thinking, “do hamsters eat hay” Or “can hamsters eat hay” Then let us inform you that there are various hay varieties in the market. Most of which are clover, alfalfa hay, Timothy hay, and so on. 

For people thinking, “do hamsters need hay” they can feed them with meadow hay, alfalfa, and timothy hay. Those are the ones that hamsters love munching on. It does not mean that the other types of hay would harm them. Moreover, hay is dried grass, and if a dried version of hay is your hamster’s favorite, then it’s absolutely fine. 

Few other examples of safe hay for hamsters are wheat, daisy, and chamomile. These are safe for your hamsters to feed on, but they should be limited. 


Hamsters always prefer things that are soft enough for nesting and bedding purposes. You can provide your hamster with wood shavings & pellets, hay, and paper bedding. 

Hay is not much used for bedding by hamsters because it’s not fully associated with them. However, if you provide them a full cage of hay, they’ll drag a few extra bits for hiding and playing. If you add some hay on their regular bedding, they’ll take all the hay to their hideout and start building a nest with it. Hamsters generally use small twigs and dried leaves in the forests to rolling around them in a comfortable nest or bedding shape. 

If your hamster starts sneezing in the hay, it might just be a small piece that tickled his nose. But if he keeps on sneezing, remove it immediately or change the brand. 


We hope that you found exactly what you were looking for in the above-written article. Hamsters generally use hay, either to eat or just for bedding. But you would never know if your hamster likes it Or not until you really try it for them. Keep your baby hamsters safe and happy and provide the best to them, as they deserve all the love and happiness.

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