Hamsters are one of the cutest and tiniest pets you can have by your side. They require very minimal care and looking after them is easier compared to other bigger-sized animals. They often fit into tiny cages and do not occupy much space as well. The best part of having a hamster is getting awed by the absolute adorable cuteness it has. No matter how small it is though, you have to take care of little things that make your time together with the hamster last long. It starts from choosing the right amount of food and goes all the way up to the environment you choose to keep your hamster in. Every little thing will add to the pleasure of your hamster’s stay.

In winters or in places having lower temperatures, it becomes a challenge to find ways on how to keep your hamster warm during the winter season. Generally, for a hamster, optimum climate temperature ranges from 18 degrees centigrade to 23 degrees centigrade.

how to keep your hamster warm during the winter


  • Tor – Por: The most obvious sign of an uncomfortable hamster is a change in the usual level of activity. When a hamster is feeling cold, it goes into a hibernation-like state known as Tor – Por. It is not exactly like hibernation is, but somewhat similar. Hamsters choose to reduce their activities to a minimum and may appear to be lifeless.
  • Colder feet and nose: When a hamster is feeling cold or is in a cold environment as such, its little nose and feet will start turning cold. This can be felt by touching them.
  • Lethargy & breathing disorders: These are perhaps the most initial signs that your hamster has started feeling colder than usual and may need your prompt attention. Hamsters are usually an active breed of creatures and lethargy is a clear unusual symptom for it.


It is not at all an easy task to treat the hamster for a sure chance of revival. But hopefully, there are ways in which you can help your little friend feel good and get back to normal.

Some of the ways of how to keep your hamster warm during winter are enlisted below

  • Taking care of the environment: the first step is to check for any undue weather influencing factors around the hamsters cage. It should not be beside a cooler or a window that allows chill air to flow through. This can cause issues for the hamster and may lead to adverse scenes if not taken care of.
  • The perfect cage: finding the right cage for your hamster is also a key element in keeping your little friend lively all the time. The cage should be such that allows enough ventilation and big enough to not hurdle the usual activities of the hamster.
  • Artificial heating: these days, a hamster heating pad is readily available at most pet shops and is of great utility for small pets like a hamster. It can be placed inside the cage and with normal temperature settings, it can perfectly allow your hamster to stay warm even in cold temperatures. Not only this, a heating pad can add some comfort to the floor of the cage.
  • Covering your hamster: It can be effective when temperatures are somewhat low or alternate solutions are not available. A blanket for hamster can be used to cover a resting hamster. It can be wrapped around its body and make the hamster feel cozy and comfy.

how to keep hamster warm - blanket for hamster


If you were wondering how to keep hamster warm, this might help you the right way.

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