Most horses prefer to be left outside and not in stables. However, this does not mean that these horses are unhappy in stables. If we talk about stabled horses, grazing and movement are prohibited, and due to this, they are less likely to get injured and fall sick compared to the horses being pastured full time on the lawns. If you have a horse, you need to get great horse stall corner feeders so that they can eat properly and easily. 


Horse stall corner feeders are generally designed to be kept at the corner of a horse stall. It has a unique and simple shape that allows your horse to eat hay with its head at the ground level, a natural grazing position. The front side of the feeder is lowered like a “yoke” design that allows better access for different sizes of horses, be it small or big. 


There are a lot of benefits of a corner horse feeder. Some of them are listed below:

  • When throwing hay into the feeder rather than a ground for the feeder, the food is safe and does not accumulate additional mud or insects. Hence, the hay is safe for them. 
  • There is not much hay wastage, and it provides better feed efficiency for both the horses and you as it saves your money due to the reduction in hay costs and labor costs for cleanup.
  • Hay given in the corner stall hay feeder does not stick to the horses, and they suffer from fewer respiratory diseases as there is less inhaled dust.

Remember that whatever feeder type you select, the horse’s health and safety are highly important and depend on your feeding structure. 


Consider the following aspects while selecting a good horse feeder:

  • How Many Horses Do You Have? 

Count the number of horses you have in your stable so that you can get an idea of the number of hay feeders you need to get. Consider observing how much space is required for these feeders. Larger hay feeders are great if you have multiple horse stables. 

  • How Big Or Small Are My Horses? 

Check whether you have a small horse or a regular-sized horse since each of them can possess a different eating habit. Usually, miniature horses don’t need hay feeders as they don’t have a heavy diet.

  • Is Your Hay Bale Bigger? 

Most hay feeders can fit in a particular hay bale, so ensure that you know how big your hay bale could easily fit into the hay feeder. Precisely, some hay feeders always have the perfect size for a single block. 

  • Is It Easy To Clean? 

Make sure that you can easily clean the hay feeder, especially when there are hay racks. In case you have a net hay feeder, it should also be easy to wash when needed to keep the smell to a minimum.

  • Is It Easy To Set Up? 

A horse feeder that is easy to set up together can make you worry less about transferring the feeder from one place to another. Some feeders could also be used while traveling with your horses and still feed them on the way. Usually, these are the hay bags or nets. 


Choosing an ideal feeder for your horse is an important part of keeping them healthy. If they eat healthily then they will become strong for riding. Just like a dog and cat bowl, having a nice hay feeder will engage your horse into better eating habits to avoid binge eating and help him in keeping healthy all the time. 

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