Rabbits make great pets. All they need is care and a lot of care. Can you even resist getting a rabbit having a wiggly nose, big ears, and a cottontail? Kids love pets, and rabbits make great starter pets. If you are planning to get a rabbit as a pet, make sure to educate yourself about their nutritional needs and remember that even the rescued rabbits need great homes. They may be small but can have a significant impact on your life. 

Now that you have made a decision to adopt a rabbit as your pet make sure to feed them oxbow young rabbit food. 


The oxbow young rabbit food is an excellent food for rabbits and is formulated to meet the essential nutritional needs of your young rabbits and help them flourish. It contains all the vital nutrients that your Bunny deserves without compromising on the taste. It consists of Alfalfa hay which provides the perfect fiber and protein for the healthy digestive system of your cute rabbit. 

Alfalfa hay provides optimal protein and fiber to rabbits and helps in healthy digestion. It also consists of necessary vitamins and minerals that support the daily functional activities of your growing rabbit. 

Also, oxbow rabbit food is the number one food for bunnies below the age of 1. Make sure to feed your rabbit with the best food along with veggies to make sure they eat healthily. 


  • Oxbow rabbit food is formulated with essential minerals for excellent health. 
  • It has been made with the guidance of top nutritionists and veterinarians. 
  • It has alfalfa hay which has excellent protein and high fiber sources. 


The keystone of any great bunny diet consists of vegetables, alfalfa hay, water, and pellets. Anything other than these can be known as “treats,” which should be fed in a limit. Anything the diet changes when the age grows, but a bunny with age less than one should have the following in their diet. 

PELLETS: It is the most vital part of your Bunny’s diet during the development stage. This is because they have a higher concentration of nutrients which helps your Bunny get a proper weight. Quality pellets are a rich source of fiber. But, this should not be fed in large amounts; otherwise, it can lead to obesity and other severe medical conditions. 

HAY: Young rabbit food should definitely have proportions of fresh hay as it is essential for your rabbit‘s good health. Alfalfa hay provides the perfect roughage that helps in reducing the danger of blockages and hairballs. 

WATER: Freshwater should be available for the rabbit 24*7, as well. Every day the water should be changed, and freshwater should be kept for consumption in the dish. Sanitize the water bottle or the bowl once every week with a detergent and rinse it thoroughly before adding the freshwater again. 

VEGETABLES: Vegetables are every rabbit’s favorite thing to eat. Consuming vegetables provides adequate roughage to your rabbit, along with other vitamins. When your Bunny is almost three months of age, you can start feeding the veggies. Go slow so that you can quickly figure out what vegetable distresses your rabbit. Continue adding fresh vegetables once your pet gets a hold of consuming them regularly. You can also mix up two or three vegetables for a change. 

However, we recommend that you feed your rabbit with oxbow essentials young rabbit food


Rabbits are super easy to take care of if you have the proper knowledge about their nutritional as well as daily requirements. They can be the best pets with proper love and care. 


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