A canister filter is also known as an aquarium filter which helps to remove water from the fish tank with the help of a valve or with the help of an intake tube and then it runs with the help of filter media and then the filtered  water is pumped back into the aquarium fishing tank with the help of spillway or spray bar. Magnum 350 canister filters provide around 350 gallons of water per hour.

It is beneficial for both marine and freshwater fish tanks. The bottom part of the filter is waterproof and completely sealed and it also has 3 years of warranty. It is very easy to set up a magnum 350 canister filter as mentioned in the box and it also helps to remove the waste materials and debris from the tank. When the water is entered into the marineland magnum 350 filter it is then forced up through the filter media with no chance of bypass. Also it includes activated charcoal, fiber sleeve and reusable microncartige. This filter can also be used along with the bio wheel which is beneficial for bacteria to colonize.

magnum 350 filters


Canister filter is the best choice when it comes to the filtration of planted aquariums or saltwater aquariums. They also work great for the freshwater tanks too. The cascade canister filter is quite expensive than the regular filters and it requires biological filtration, routine cleaning and hoses. The things required in this filter are different from the other filters which are used in the aquariums.

This filter is very much powerful and keeps the tank water clean and fresh. The drawback of this filter is that it is not like the other canisters which are available at the pet store. The cascade canister filter is an enclosed kind of filter and they should be cleaned after the duration every 3 to 4 months.


This type of filter is versatile and works well for a wide range of aquariums. The canister filter is best suited for both freshwater as well as saltwater aquariums. The filter is also used for turtle tanks where the turtles are much messier than the fish, the cascade canister filter goes best with this type of tank too. Here, are some of the benefits of canister filter:

  • This filter can be placed under or behind the aquarium
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It has an increased biological filtration
  • Has an increased water flow system
  • It provides an effective way of filtration
  • Helps to remove the unwanted particles from water
  • It maintains the quality of water by using the method of chemical filtration
  • Cascade canister filter is easy to set up
  • Canister filters are not noisy and are generally quiet as compared to other types of aquarium filter systems
  • Long lasting


  • Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

This type of canister filter comes with individual media baskets along with the mechanical filter and also the biological filtration media.

Key Benefits:

  • It is available in a variety of size depending on the size of the aquarium
  • Consists of filter media baskets
  • Easy to set up
  • Fluval FX4 and FX6

The fluval fx have two baskets i.e on the outer side as well as in the inner side. It also has the multiple baskets stack which is attached together.

Key Benefits:

  • It is made with high quality of materials
  • You can also add Fluval filter media
  • It also has a multi directional output nozzle.
  • EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media

This type of filter is designed by highly qualified engineers. The Eheim canister filter does not contain media baskets and the filtration media is placed in the canister directly. It can store water in the aquarium up to 40 gallons, 66 gallons and 92 gallons.

Key Benefits:

  • Made with high quality of plastic materials
  • It is not noise
  • Sunsun 4-Stage with 9-watt UV Sterilizer

This type of filter consists of three filter baskets which helps in holding the filtration materials like biological filtration, foam pads and activated charcoal. It comes with a coarse and fine filter pads.

Key Benefits:

  • There is a bulk replacement of filter media is also available in it
  • Contains up to 150 gallons of water in it
  • It uses UV lights which helps to reduce pathogens and algae

cascade canister filter


The magnum 350 filter has the capacity of providing 350 gallons of water per hour for the cleaning purpose. It is not noisy and the ability to customize intake and outflow provides a beneficial value to both the marine and freshwater fish tanks. The setup of this filter is simple and it includes all the filter media in the box itself. Magnum 350 filter helps to remove waste materials and debris from the tank and can be easily converted into a water polishing system.

When the water is entered in this filter then it is forced up through filter media without having any chance of bypass. It ensures that the biological, chemical and mechanical filtration maintains maximum effectiveness. This filter’s technology works together to provide healthy and clean water to the fishes and also for the other inhabitants who live in the aquarium. Because of its customization capability it can do multi tasks depending on the needs of the fish tank set up.

After reading this article it can be concluded that using the magnum cascade canister filter is the best for using it in the aquarium, but it is a bit pricey from the other variety of aquariums. So, using this filter is totally safe for the fishes as well as for the other water animals too. This type of filter is well suited for each and every kind of fish aquarium and it is sure that all the fishes will remain healthy and will live happily and it will also make your life easier. So, do purchase this filter. It is expensive but it’s a one time investment for your little fish friends.

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