Aquarium substrate is the thing with which you line up the bottom of your fish tank. A common thought which comes in every person’s mind is that the substrates are used to make the tank look beautiful, but the actual reason is that it plays a vital role for the aquarium. The substrate which is being used can affect a lot of things in the tank which includes the pH level of the water and most importantly the welfare of your betta fish.


Inspite of having various options it’s still a confusing thing on how to set up a betta fish aquarium? Whether to go for bright colorful gravel Or to go with natural looking rocks. The substrate which will be used in the tank also deals with the health of your betta fish. If you are planning to keep live plants or adding new tank mates for your betta than before making any decision read the below mentioned point while picking up the best substrate for betta fish tanks.

best substrate for freshwater aquarium

  • Aquarium Gravel

Gravel is one of the most commonly used substrates in an aquarium. You can find it easily in any aquatic or a pet store. It comes in a variety of different colors, but instead of including all the colors, using natural colored gravel will look better than the colorful ones

  • Aquarium Sand

Aquariums sand can also be added to your betta fish tank. Aquarium sand is mostly used for bottom feeder fish, but still it can be used for betta fish tanks, it will give a more natural look to your tank than the gravel


Substrate is the base for building up a successful and a healthy planted aquarium. Without using a good quality of substrate it will be difficult for you to grow beautiful plants. It is not only about picking up the best substrate for your aquarium but to also know the type of plants you need to keep, so depending on that you will know about which type of substrate to be used.

We’ll discuss about some of the best substrate for freshwater aquarium

  • CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate 20-lb bag
  • Activ-Flora Lake Gems for Aquarium, 20-Pound
  • Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum
  • Seachem Flourite 15.4 lbs

best fish tank for betta


Betta fishes are very bright, beautiful and are a common household pet. These little ones require specific care so that they can stay healthy and happy. Let’s discuss what do betta fish need?

  • Setting up a tank for your betta fish

The first thing which is to be considered while setting up an aquarium for a betta fish tank is its environment. Betta fish usually live in a bowl that are too small which allows them for normal swimming and hiding  space, but they should not be kept in bowls. The best fish tank for betta is a 5 gallon tank or it can be larger than this

  • Temperature and water quality

The quality of water plays a vital role to the health of the fish. Adding a filter to the tank helps to remove the toxins from. The water. A low flow filter is necessary to ensure the delicate fins of the fish don’t get injured while the suction of the filter

  • Eating routine

Every breed of animal has its own eating habit. Betta fishes are carnivores and eat insects. The food flaked which is fed to them should be in a balanced amount


There are many varieties of fish tanks which you can get easily in the market. The tank also comes in a well decorated form but it’s mandatory to check that the tank in which the fish is to be kept is suitable for it or not.

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