Bloodworms are also known as the bait fish, because 99% of fishes eat them. They provide the fishes with a lot of protein, but remember not to over feed them. Blood worms for fish should not be used as their complete meal rather it can be given as a supplement to their regular diet which usually comes in the form of pellet food or flakes. It has a high amount of protein and iron content in it but still it lacks some other essentials like vitamins, minerals which are also required by the fish to breed, so make sure to provide them along with their staple diet.


Blood worms are larvae of the non biting midge fly which is bright red in color. The color is red due to the presence of iron-porphyrin protein in their tissue and blood. They can also survive in polluted water with low oxygen levels because of the presence of hemoglobin.

worms in fish tank

Blood worms for fish are the primary foods in the aquatic food chain. It is also used to feed other aquatic animals like shrimps, snails and turtles. There are two most popular types of blood worms which are small red larvae which come from midge flies and the other one is the genus Glycera is a group of worms that are generally found in marine waters. Both these types of worms are suitable for feeding the fishes. Blood worms are available in live, dried and freeze form. There are different types of blood worms which are to be given to as per recommended.


Worms are night creatures. If they are not visible during day time then it doesn’t mean that they are not present, as they remain in the darkness of the rocks, plants or any kind of hideout available during the day time. It takes long hours for the creatures to appear after turning off the lights. The best way for humans to see them is by using red light. No movement should be done during that time because it can make them scared and they will again hide themselves.

Worms grow at a rapid speed and the same applies for their reproduction process too. Once you have spotted the worms, it’s time to take action to remove them.

what do small fishes eat


Freshwater small fish generally eat insects, leeches, shrimp and other dead or decaying matter. Small saltwater fish which are also called forage feed on fish and eat plankton. Feed fish and shrimps are an important part of the aquatic food chain and are a major source of food consumed by marine mammals, sea birds etc. Shrimps are found in oceans, streams, marshes and are consumed by both the largest and the smallest fish, both whale shark and basking are known to filter them.

Now, the question arises: what do small fishes eat? So, let’s check out :

  • Micro worms
  • Liquid fish food.
  • Fish food flakes.
  • Powdered egg yolk.
  • Small fishes.
  • Optimum Highly Nutritious Food- Mini Pellet.
  • Taiyo Guppy Bit Guppy Fish Food.
  • Taiyo Pluss Discovery Fish Food.

bloodworms for fish

Blood worms are not expensive so it’s easy to purchase from most of the pet stores. Before buying it’s important to check the quality and if you find that the quality is not suitable then it’s recommended not to purchase. There are many other types of food which you can give to fish apart from blood worms are brine shrimps and Daphnia. The last thing which is to be remembered is that to check the fish tank is free from all kinds of disease or infection for the healthy life of your fish.

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