Even though Maltese are great dogs and greet everyone in a friendly manner, they are unique and the most loyal friends who can attach themselves to their owners. While their opulent locks can make them appear a bit stuffy, they are great and courageous puppies who are often loved by other dogs as well. 

But to ensure that they live healthily and happily, you need to take great care of them by feeding them the best dog food for Maltese. You need to provide them with food that can keep them happy and healthy for more and more years to come. 


  • Blue Buffalo’s Small Breed Life Protection

This one is among the best dog food for toy breeds. This famous brand has a brown rice and chicken recipe, chicken and chicken meal as it’s prime ingredients

  • Wellness Core Grain-Free Small Breed

Being one of the best food for Maltese, it is a Grain-Free recipe and includes turnkey meal, turkey, and chicken as its supreme ingredients to provide your Maltese with an adequate amount of proteins that it needs and adores. It is produced in the USA and contains no soy, corn, and other by-products. It has no added preservatives and colors

  • Merrick Like Plates Small Breed

It has lamb meal and beef as its main ingredients. This recipe is Grain-Free and contains zero gluten ingredients, and is poultry-free for puppies who have allergies to chicken. Also, it is one of the best rated puppy food


Whether you are going to feed your Maltese puppy or any other dog, there are a few basic features that you should always ask and look for in your puppy’s food. Also, you should always avoid some elements in their food such as:

  • Avoid Giving Food Which Lacks Protein As It’s the Main Ingredient

Some dog breeds might be omnivores. Still, they would always need protein in their regular diet. Due to this, you shall always find foods that has lamb, salmon, duck, or chicken as their first ingredients

  • Avoid Food That Has Artificial Colors & Added Preservatives

Dogs can suffer from food allergies and stomach infections due to the artificial colors and other harmful preservatives added in the food. Hence, always see that the food does not contain these artificial elements. Foods with high-quality meat and carbohydrates should be given to your dog. Artificial color might look appealing to you, but it is super infectious for your dog


It is crucial to understand the dietary needs of your Maltese. There needs are:

  • Maltese Have Sensitive Stomach

This means that you’ll need to stay alert and observe your pet’s eating habits and health. Be alert of the ingredients you’re serving him. Foods with probiotics can eliminate digestive issues in dogs

  • Maltese are Fussy Eaters

Unlike any other dog breed, toy breeds won’t eat things that may feel alive. They often refuse to eat foods they find unappetizing. So, choose food items that your Maltese puppy loves

  • Maltese Suffer From Dental Issues

In general, dry kibbles would keep your Maltese’s teeth better and cleaner as compared to wet foods. So, dry kibble is mostly preferred to ignore wet foods if they have tooth decay issues and gum ailments. There are a lot of premium kibbles that include teeth-cleaning features


Few dog food manufacturers might curate recipes that are especially focused on various breeds such as Maltese. However, you always need to dig deeper to find out if its the right food choice for your puppy. 

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