Dogs provide human beings with a sense of emotional happiness, thanks to the unconditional love they shower, and this is why they are an excellent company for people living alone. Owning a dog can help individuals recover from personal stress such as some sorrow or trauma, and if you are a dog owner from before, you already know how astounding dogs are. These little puppies fill your life with fur, love, and loyalty and would provide you with plenty of reasons to smile. In case you want to adopt a dog, we recommend adopting a golden retriever because they are super playful and would never leave you alone. 

While owning a golden retriever, you should make sure to get the best harness for a golden retriever. Harnesses are great substitutes to collars. They are a safer option because even if your dog pulls, it won’t hurt him. Harnesses with an attached front leash is an excellent tool for training your golden retriever. 


Since golden retrievers have sensitive skin, look for a no escape dog harness that can be adjusted across its back belly and chest to prevent scraping and irritation of the skin. 

When it comes to choosing the best harness for a golden retriever, you should consider the following:

  • Your Dog’s Age: Puppies and adult golden retrievers are full of enthusiasm, and without proper training, the walk could be challenging. Hence, a know-pull harness should be your best choice. 
  • Comfort: A perfect fit dog harness should be comfortable for your golden retriever to wear. It should not pinch his skin and cause skin irritation. Harnesses having a breathable mesh and soft padding will allow your golden retriever to stay active and comfortable during any activity. Moreover, a harness is a safer alternative for your dog to prevent him from injuring his neck and choking. 
  • Reflective strips: A dog harness with the name should have reflective strips for safety while walking at night. If you walk your golden during dim light conditions or high traffic areas it is very vital to get a no escape dog harness that has a reflective material that enhances your dog’s visibility and safety. 
  • Durability: As an owner, you would always want a harness that is durable enough to last for a long time and keep your puppy secure. If your golden retriever has a strong pull, you will surely need a thick harness and has durable buckles to keep your dog safe and secure. 
  • Adjustability: A perfect fit dog harness is always great for your dog. This can be adjusted along your Golden’s chest, back and belly for a great fit. 
  • Leash Attachment Points: Many harnesses have only one leash attaching point, either on the front chest or back. However, a harness with a front leash attachment point is the most suitable for your golden. 


We hope that this article was able to answer all your queries regarding the best harness for golden retriever. There is a multitude of factors to keep in mind but we have narrowed it down to a few points. Choosing the best harness for your golden retriever will come down to your Golden’s size and temperament and what style they want in their saddle.


Whenever your dog switches from a collar to a harness, it takes some time for him to get used to it. But, as soon as your golden retriever will like it, you are going to notice a huge difference for good. A good harness will ensure a great walking experience for you as well as your dog. 

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