The golden retriever is among some best and popular dog breeds in the United States. This dog breed is super friendly, and their tolerant behavior makes them great pets for large families. They are knowledgeable, which makes them fantastic working dogs. They are natural athletes and excel in dog sports such as competitive obedience and agility. 

Golden retrievers are relatively easy to deal with. Training them is not much of a great deal for families. They’re super compatible with kids and are very protective of their owners. If you want a loyal and smart companion, consider adopting a golden retriever. But, before getting them, you need to think about a crate for golden retriever


  • What Is A Crate? 

A crate for a golden retriever is a metal, wire, or fabric space with a door in which you can keep your dog for transportation or security. A dog crate for golden retrievers is designed to replicate a dog’s natural living den that provides shelter while at home or traveling to different places. 

A crate for golden retrievers should have comfortable bedding, and the door should always be wide open so that your dog can enter the crate whenever they need a safe and comfy space. 

  • What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Is The Best? 

In case you are on the verge of adopting a golden retriever and thinking ‘what size crate for golden retriever is the best’ then remember that majority of adult Golden Retrievers dogs should have at least a 42″ dog crate, but there are differences in opinion, with some owners saying a 36″ crate is more suitable. Golden retrievers can differ considerably in size and on the large side these days, so it is always recommended to buy a 42″ crate.

However, one of the best ways to know what size dog crate for Golden Retriever is the best; all you need is to measure their body size and buy the exact container that fits the best.


  • How Big Is Your Dog? 

When choosing a crate for golden retriever, one major factor to consider is the size. Your goldie should be able to walk into the crate comfortably with the door shut. Dogs are generally taller when sitting, so it’s OK if they cannot sit in the crate, but they should have plenty of space to stand. An excellent way to find the correct size is to measure your dog’s height and length. Now you can add 4 inches to the dog’s measurements to determine the best dog crate size. 

  • Will Your Dog Grow? 

Golden retriever puppies need a smaller space, but plenty of areas as they grow bigger in size. If your new pet is a puppy, consider a crate that has divider panels. The advantage of a divider is that it prevents your dog from having too much room and can be adjusted into the crate. 

  • Does Your Golden Retriever Want To Look Around?

Some golden retrievers really like to explore the environment around them, but feeling exposed can enhance their anxiety for other dogs. Think about whether the golden retriever would do best in a covered crate or an open one.

As an owner, you should also consider the size and structure of your home while making your decision to bring a pet golden retriever. Will you need to put the crate away when not in use? Consider a foldable crate for more comfortable use. Crates with many doors would provide better flexibility when it comes to keeping the crate at your home. And if you are planning to use the crate outside, always look for a water-resistant material.

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