Celery is good for guinea pigs and it is beneficial as well. Some health-related concerns are crucial to be aware of before feeding your guinea pigs. Make sure to feed only fresh fruits and vegetables as it is part of their diet. According to the veterinarians, it was claimed that a good guinea pigs’ diet mainly consists of pallets, hay, fresh fruits, and other vegetables.

Guinea pigs eat celery as it is low in calories and hold a rich source of nutrients. Celery plays a crucial role as it also contains a rich dose of minerals that are needed by the guinea pigs


Many guinea pig owners wonder to figure out if it is safe to eat celery. Can guinea pigs eat celery leaves? Well, now you don’t have brood on millions of web pages. Guinea pigs can eat celery well including its leaves and stalk. If you think that guinea pigs can only eat the celery leaves in limit then you are highly mistaken. According to recent research, it was found that it surely is good for guinea pigs and it contains a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly recommended and essential. for the welfare of guinea pigs’ health. We all know that every animal requires a perfect amount of essential nutrients. In the case of guinea pigs, celery provides the most effective and rich source of essential nutrients.

Celery provides essential nutrients like Vitamin C that hold an impressive role. It is crucial to take care of the amount of celery that you are feeding to guinea pigs. The excess amount can lead to diarrhea and urinary-related problems. Mainly celery contains a decent amount of calcium and that can lead to certain problems regarding health. It is crucial to give proper amounts of celery to guinea pigs to keep them strong and healthy. Can guinea pigs eat celery is now very much known?

Mainly celery contains a rich amount of oxalates. Oxalates are a natural compound that is not crucial for the better health of guinea pigs. Bit sometimes by feeding wrong choice of celery can lead to enhance the development of bladder or kidneys stone. Make sure to take caution before feeding. Make sure to choose those that are not rich in oxalates. Celery mainly appears to be a safe treatment for guinea pigs without pre-existing conditions.


Celery is beneficial for guinea pigs. Mainly guinea pigs are not able to create or store Vitamin C. Celery help to supply a constant amount of Vitamin C to keep them healthy. Make sure to not feed celery regularly to avoid the risk factor of any severe problems.

Nonetheless, taking care of your guinea pig celery 2-3 times each week is totally fine. Blend a little piece of celery in with a lot of verdant vegetables and perhaps a minuscule bit of natural product for a decent changed eating regimen. An entire celery stick is excessively and about a 6th of a tail for each piggy is bounty. Make sure to avoid the excess intake of celery by your guinea pigs.


Still, most of the pig owners are wondering can guinea pigs have celery or not? If you are concerned about your guinea pigs then make sure to feed them fresh celery. According to the studies it was found that celery helps to keep your guinea pigs healthy. But it is crucial to know that not all leafy greens are safe for them. Make sure to take recommendations before selecting any specific celery. Make sure to take the suggestion of veterinarians to not feed celery regularly.

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