Guinea pigs are small in size and need special care and attention. Guinea pigs need to be groomed regularly. Their cage should be cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis and the spots are to be cleaned every few days.

Guinea pigs also need their own quality time out of their cage every day. They spent this time stretching their legs and exploring new things in the environment or cuddling in your lap. Everyday interaction and attention are essential for a guinea pig’s well-being. Just imagine if you are unable to enjoy the stinky smell from the dirty cage, then consider how your guinea pig who spent nearly all their waking hours in that cage how he is living in that stinky and dirty cage.


Guinea pigs may not be as clever and cunning as hamsters, yet they are energetic. They like to climb ramps and stairs to get themselves to reach a spot to sit high up. With a little practice, guinea pigs can even bounce around 10 to 20 cms which is sufficiently high to jump on the top of the dozing cave. The average height of the guinea pig cage ramp should not be more than 20 to 40 degrees. Be careful that the material used in making ramps should be friendly and healthy enough for the environment so, that in case if your pet chews the ramp it won’t cause any harm to it.


Guinea pig ramp is mostly for mass-produced guinea pig houses. The guinea pig ramp comes in the set of around 45 to 65 degrees. Imagine if you want to drink water and you suddenly get to know that you have to climb so many stairs. So, this is the reason why most of them stay on the bottom level. They are designed in such a way that they are inclined because the length of the cage is too short to allow for a more gentle slope.

Guinea pigs are most comfortable walking on flat and solid surfaces. A ramp is the best thing if you want to give your guinea pig something to walk on you and down. If your guinea pig’s cage is too short or doesn’t have much room for the ramp then you can buy or make one by yourself which doubles back on itself. You can also make a diy guinea pig ramp instead of purchasing it from a store.


If you have a steep angle to climb, or if you have a shortage of space, then you can use guinea pig stairs rather than using a ramp. Guinea pigs are quite comfortable using the stairs, and they can also even reach up some large heights. Guinea pigs can even be taught to climb the stairs in your home. Guinea pigs can climb small steps, ramps but unlike the other rodents like squirrels, their anatomy doesn’t allow them to climb high surfaces like trees, walls, or other things related to nature.


There are a lot of guinea pig ramps available but each of them has its own advantages so it’s important to pick the correct one for your pet. Ramps should be tall and wide enough so that your guinea pig can move freely and enjoy playing and exploring the cage. Make sure to pick up the perfect ramp size which fits properly into the cage. Most guinea pig ramps are made of wood, so it is necessary to wash and clean it regularly so that you won’t get any kind of bugs and mold in them.

So, make sure to take care of your guinea pig ramp so that you won’t have to replace it very frequently.

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