Baytril is a pharmaceutical company’s brand named after an antibiotic named Enrofloxacin. This is one of the approved antibiotics for guinea pigs. Baytril for guinea pigs is not only prescribed for pigs but it can also be given to cats, dogs, rabbits, particular species of birds, rodents, and even reptiles.

Baytril for guinea pigs is an antibiotic that is basically prescribed to animals, especially guinea pigs, who are suffering from skin infection, respiratory problems.

Baytril can cause an effect on the appetite, more likely when it is given orally. Baytril should only be given to adult pigs, because it helps them with the proper growth, particularly in long-term treatment.


Antibiotics are commonly used in guinea pigs to treat pneumonia. There are a lot of antibiotics that can harm or even kill your guinea pig. The most frequently prescribed guinea pig antibiotics is Amoxicillin, but it’s very harmful and dangerous because it contains penicillin. There are some other drugs like cefazolin, streptomycin which are also dangerous for guinea pigs.


Can Baytril without vet prescription be taken? so, the answer to this question is, “NO”. One can find Baytril online, in the injectable solution form, but one still requires a prescription from the veterinarian, if it’s prescribed by the vet then it’ll be very much easy to purchase it straight from the per store.


Baytril oral dose for guinea pigs is also available as a shot, oral tablet, or as a suspension liquid which is given with the help of a syringe. Baytril should only be given to guinea pigs by injecting it.

The first dose should be given by your vet and may also provide you with instructions for administering subsequent doses. It will be great if the treatment of your guinea pig is looked after by the vet. If your guinea pig is having any kind of major infection, which calls for an overnight or hospital stay, then the vet can easily start the treatment along with the fluids and can also examine the health condition and if any other treatment is required then the veterinarian can immediately start the treatment without wasting any time.

The prescribed Baytril dosage for guinea pigs according to the official Baytril product is 10mg/kg, as per the weight of the body, once a day consecutively for 7 to 10 days. If you are still not confident regarding your guinea pig’s weight, and the correct amount of dosage to be given then don’t worry the veterinarian will let you the proper dosage to be given to your guinea pig.

The vet may provide you with pre-loaded syringes, which you can fit with the needle and inject at home. The most important point to keep in mind is that, even if your guinea pig is feeling better, you still have to continue the antibiotic course as suggested by the veterinarian. Just because she is feeling better it does not mean that the infection is totally gone.


After reading the above article it can be concluded that Baytril is totally safe for guinea pigs, but still, it produces minimal side effects.

  • Dehydration and loss of appetite. Provide your guinea pig with plenty of water while she is on Baytril.
  • Baytril is not recommended to your guinea pig if she is pregnant.
  • The effectiveness of Baytril changes, depending on your guinea pig’s health, or allergies to certain medications.


Provide your guinea pig with the full course of Baytril as suggested by your veterinarian to ensure that the infection is totally healed, and keep yourself in touch with your vet if her symptoms return or till the time infection is not completely healed.

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