If you are planning to pet a guinea pig then, you can surely pet A guinea pig. They have a lot of appealing qualities. They are very small and gentle. Like all other companion animals, guinea pigs require special care and attention. If you’re thinking of buying a guinea pig from a pet store, then before purchasing please visit your local animal shelter to adopt one. There are shelters that accept small animals who need new homes and you yourself will have the satisfaction of saving a life.


Cilantro is a refreshing and nutritious herb with a pungent taste that is widely used all over the world. It is termed coriander in some parts of the world. Every household uses this amazing herb in some or another way. It is almost always used fresh because it doesn’t dry well. The herb itself has an amazing flavor that some love, but others try to avoid. You will often find cilantro scattered on top of Indian dishes. It is used for garnishing the dish. It’s frequently used in salsa, especially in Mexican cuisine.


The most common question asked by a guinea pig pet owner is can guinea pigs have cilantro or celery? then, yes guinea pigs can have cilantro. As, because Cilantro has high calcium content and also has oxalic acid, so you must not feed it in excess. Cilantro has quite a strong odor, while some guinea pigs find it off-putting, so don’t be surprised if your pet doesn’t eat much of it. But, one thing which you should remember is, to feed it in moderation to avoid any kind of health issues like diarrhea, etc.


Cilantro is refreshing. Many of them like its flavor and many of them don’t. Now the question arises, can a guinea pig eat cilantro?. The answer to this question is “YES” Guinea pigs can eat cilantro. Cilantro is a nutritious herb and is rich in Vitamin C and has antioxidants in it that you can feed to your guinea pig. Cilantro can be given to your guinea pig on a daily basis. Cilantro has a high amount of calcium content and oxalic acid in it, so it would be better not to feed cilantro to your guinea pig in excess.

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cilantro, and apart from that, there are many other health benefits that cilantro can offer. In addition, herbs like cilantro in the main dishes are popular. Introduce cilantro into your guinea pig’s diet slowly. The addition of any kind of changed food can upset their stomach, even if they are safe for them to eat. Give them small pieces of cilantro to see if they enjoy eating or not. If they are liking the taste of cilantro, you can feed a small amount to them each day if you want. A few bites of cilantro can be added to your guinea pig food on a regular basis. Wash the herb to remove any kind of harmful chemicals and cut it up into medium-sized pieces. Try to introduce guinea pig cilantro into your guinea pig’s diet slowly.


Being the owner of an adorable guinea pig, you must be wanting to feed them with a variety of foods. Cilantro is very important and carries a lot of benefits for guinea pigs. When fed them with a single diet on a regular basis. Your guinea pig will automatically get bored of having the same type of meal every day.  Instead of feeding your guinea pig with veggies, fruits, and clean water, you can also feed them with basil or cilantro for guinea pigs.

Whatever new food is introduced to your pet can upset their stomach at first, even if they are safe for them to eat. First, give them a few small pieces of cilantro, if you see them enjoying it then you can feed a small amount to them each day. Some guinea pig owners use little pieces of cilantro as treats to them.

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