Like dogs and cats, pets help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and ease loneliness. They are very much energetic and playful and can even improve your health. Pet’s are the best and valuable companion for older adults. Dogs are often called man’s best friends. 

They can be great pets for kids. Kids must learn how to treat their dog so the dog will not fight back. Some experts can help you choose the breed of dog for you and your family and train your child and your dog and how to behave with each other.


There are many expensive gadgets and toys available for dogs in the pet store, but nothing can be compared with a good old stick. The main reason why dogs like sticks are that it’s natural, crunchy, and easy for them to pick up with their mouth.

But have you ever thought of why do dogs like sticks?

There is not only a particular reason, not just to fall with one answer; there are plenty of reasons out there. However, every dog derives from one standard theory, i.e. dogs love to collect and pick up sticks because it’s a part of their animal tendency. So, it’s generally seen that when they sniff out a stick from their search, they feel like they’ve found a reward. Sticks often serve as a suitable alternative for a bone. If you ever see sticks lying on the ground, with no two identical sticks, then if you have a dog, they might get excited by seeing the different shapes, and colors too. As soon as the dog smells anything related to the outdoors, then it becomes familiar with the local area.


It has been seen that dogs are obsessed with sticks. They love to gather and chew sticks because they are similar in shape and size to bones. As it is known by everyone how much dogs feel about bones. Dogs are very smart and intelligent beings. They can’t be tricked by a sticks similar to their favorite thing to chew. Dogs obsessed with sticks are aware that the stick is just a stick. It’s not the thing that can be eaten.


Sticks provide dogs the opportunity to use their teeth and jaws, which helps to provide them with an enjoyable workout. Sticks don’t taste good as bones, but chewing sticks on their own must really feel good to dogs. Now, the question arises why do dogs chew sticks? chewing sticks also somewhat feel like rewarding and considering that it allows the dog the chance to chew and destroy something. Dogs are naturally drawn to tear things into pieces. It’s not surprising that dogs chew sticks, as for them, they’re the best thing in the world.


We all are familiar that dogs love sticks. Dogs have many habits but carrying sticks on walks is a common one, but why do dogs carry sticks? . The main reason why dogs carry sticks is that dogs like bones and being predators, it attracts the dogs with both its shape and texture. Sticks are an enjoyable treat for dogs, and they get attracted to the stick without giving any kind of encouragement.


Munching sticks gives your dog the opportunity to let out some doggy frustration. It helps them to release energy and stress by destroying things which is of no use to us. Chewing sticks is the best way for your dog to clean its teeth just like the way we do in our everyday life.

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