Dogs are among the most commonly found pets around the world. They are loved by humans for their playful nature and faithful character. Handling a dog is also simpler than most other pets as they can work on their own on most occasions. Above all, the dog serves as the best friend to humans and their relationship usually lasts really long.

However, things turn a bit messier if you have a baby and a dog. Babies are highly curious in nature and are always in search of something new to fiddle with. When babies play with the dog, every accessory a dog has becomes a toy for the baby. He may continuously try to get hold of dogs’ stuff. Similarly, he may also try to hinder into dogs food that is served in its bowl.


  1. Unhygienic: It may prove to be unhygienic for the baby to come in contact with dog’s food bowl or leftover food by the dog. Many times, dogs may leave food in their bowls which may be contaminated by being outside for some time. If it comes in contact with the baby, it might cause various issues including allergic issues
  2. Untidy: If the dogs’ food is kept in the dog food bowl and the baby gets hold of it, there would be nothing short of a mess around the house. He may play with eating and may scramble it all across the place which shall result in an untidy environment inside the house
  3. Unfit: Dogs’ food is specially made for a dog keeping in mind the nutritional needs and eating habits of the dog. It may most probably not be fit for the baby to consume it anyhow. If left unnoticed, he may crawl up to the dog’s food bowl and may gobble some if it. This may cause various issues like uneasiness or other health issues
  4. Dogs Eating Habits: If the baby messes up with dogs’ food and this keeps getting regular, it might hamper the dogs eating habits as well. Maybe due to improper eating or less food in the bowl than required. Even the food may get contaminated due to fiddling with the baby and may cause illness to the dog. It is important to take care if dogs eating habits


The following care may be taken to ensure that dogs’ food is out of reach of the baby to prevent the problems listed above. Following are the ways in which one can ensure that dog food is safe from the baby:

  • Using a baby proof dog bowl: These days, baby proof dog bowls are easily available. They keep the food out of reach of babies and keep the food safe for consumption by the dog. They come in various shapes and sizes and are also available in a variety of functional characters. Some may use an RFID tag to detect when the dog is around and only then dispense food for dogs consumption
  • Giving Direction To The Baby To Stay Away From The Food: Along with using a child proof dog bowl, you may have to keep an eye on the growing habits of your baby like the one of touching and fiddling with dogs food. A constant stream of ‘No’ may feed it in the mind of the baby that he/she must abstain from doing what they do. This will show results over a period of time but are more natural and better
  • Using a Spill Proof Dog Bowl: For liquid food and water, a spill-proof dog bowl can be used so that water or any liquid does not spill outside the bowl



If you have a pet dog and a baby at home together,  consider getting a high quality baby proof dog bowl for better overall hygiene of your baby and dog.

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