Dogs are a great addition to any family. They provide a sense of companionship, responsibility, unconditional love and will always be around their owners when they need them. They are proven to be a comfort to individuals who crave unreserved interaction with other living individuals. But, in case you are planning to get a dog and you want to take them out with you it is important to get a dog crate for car backseat. This crate guarantees that your dog is safe even when you take them out for enjoyment. 



Are you looking for the safest way to transport your puppy into the backseat of your car? If yes, you would definitely need to find the best dog crate for car backseat that is super comfortable and compact to fit your dog to your car backseat. A dog crate for car backseat should be lightweight so that it is easy for you to put it into your car. 

Here are some factors to consider while choosing a dog travel crate:

◦ Size: The best dog crate for the car should be big enough for your dog to stand, sit and move around but it should also be enough to keep him safe and secure. Generally, dog crates should not be too big for your dog. 

◦ Safety: If you plan to travel with your dog, make sure to carry a sturdy dog crate for the backseat of the truck as it ensures that your dog is safe and protects them from any future accidents that might take place. 

◦ Situation: Dog crate for truck works best while traveling, both trucks and air. 

◦ Set-Up: Doesn’t matter what crate you choose, it should be easy to go on, assemble and store. Else, you won’t be able to use it often.

Note: Dogs should always be moderated in the car or truck while traveling. Hence, choosing a product that is crash-tested by the Center for Pet Safety is important. 


Although, you might not think that your dog has messy tendencies, such as leaving paw prints or walking over a clean sofa. However, your pets also deserve a clean living space as humans do. Sometimes, some of the well-behaved canines also end up being messy and that’s why regular clean in of their home or crate is equally important. Let’s learn how to clean the metal dog crate.

◦ First, wash the soft furnishings such as bed, blankets, and pads. Make sure that the pads and beds you are buying are washing machine safe. Regular washing is needed to ensure that your pet is comfortable and clean. Also, you need to make sure that you are using a cleanser that is specially formulated for your pet. 

◦ After you are done, prepare your dog’s kennel. Make sure that the toys are also wiped down and clean so that your dog is also clean. Be sure to rinse the plastic toys thoroughly with water. 

◦ Removing the bad odor is necessary for your pet to stay clean. Use a pet odor remover and let it air dry first. Don’t use too much of it. Using a minimal amount would definitely serve your purpose. 

◦ If the weather is suitable, we recommend washing and clean the whole crate thoroughly to keep it clean. You can clean your dog crate by keeping it in a bathtub. 



We hope that you have received enough tips and information on how to keep your dog crate clean and fresh. As an owner, you need to show them how much you love and care for them by giving them a clean environment to live in.

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