There are several pets that you might select to invest in as an addition to your family. However, one of the most famous choices that most individuals are going with these days is a dog. Getting a pet dog would be a fantastic decision if you are looking for a perfect friend for your family. Regardless of how small or large, your family is, a pet dog is always a better choice. Dog’s are always there for you whenever you need them the most and help fill a space that you may have within your family. If you are and do not have any family, a puppy can give you the warmest greetings and hugs every time you walk through the door. But as a dog gets older, it tends to get stubborn and bite any other thing it sees on its way. Hence, getting a chew-proof dog harness is essential. 



To restate, individuals won’t find a dog harness that’s completely chew-proof, as your puppy requires something flexible and comfortable at the same time. But, a chew-proof retractable dog leash and harness are super essential for your doggie. 

Features to see:

  • Strong Materials: Dog teeth are athletic, hence as an owner, you need to select items that are resistible to gnawing. Some of these materials are Denim, Canvas, or a dog harness with a metal buckle
  • Out-of-reach Straps: It’s straightforward. If your puppy cannot reach the leash or the straps with his mouth, he won’t be able to chew them. So, whenever you are buying a dog harness, imagine your pet’s body structure to highly assist you in selecting the best escape-proof dog harness
  • Durability: As a dog owner, you would need a durable product and cannot be ripped off easily, even when used regularly. Please choose a product that has metal fasteners so that your pup cannot chew it. Materials that are linked together for stability is something that your dog cannot chew easily. 
  • Practicality – Look for a chew-proof dog harness that’s easy to slip off and on your dog. Select a harness that’s perfect and comfortable for your dog. 



If you have a dog that chews its harness and every other item randomly, then you need to teach them what things are not ok for chewing. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Control his unwanted behavior – During this period, you would want your pup in front of you when you are back home. This way you will know what he is up to when he is at home. Also, when you are not with your doggie put him in a place where he cannot find anything to chew that might be harmful to him. Consider placing him in a safe place such as a dog crate.

  2. Behavior alterations – If you find your puppy chewing on a restricted item, don’t pull him away rather try to divert his attention by distracting and calling him towards yourself. When he comes, provide him with a treat. At this point, give him a chew toy to gnaw.

  3. Proactive training – The main focus here should be to teach your puppy the difference between approved and restricted items for chewing. Thus, try to train your doggie using a variety of household items. Teach your dog the “leave it” command with as many forbidden things as possible. Each time your dog ignores the forbidden items, give him tasty treats.



Selecting a dog for your family is a lifetime investment hence choosing wisely is essential. Hence, select a perfect chew proof harness for your dog to keep him safe.

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