Spent grain dog treats are one thing that is left towards sprouting dried cereal grains (ordinarily grain) for the creation of lager. The leftover item is a concentrate of proteins and fiber that is nutritious and incredible for creatures taking care of. Spent grain has had a long history in taking care of creatures, tracing back to the priests and cloisters that would blend lager and afterwards feed the brewed grains to their animals. Upcycling is also a creative method to reuse materials they previously had. Make sure to provide low fat dog treats.

Spent grain is an extraordinary wellspring of protein and fiber, helping in assimilation and giving fundamental amino acids expected for sound muscle development, and better energy levels. When matched with top caliber and human evaluation fixings it is similar to those found in spent grain dog biscuits.

spent grain dog biscuits


  • Makes about 45 treats in total
  • Planning Time: 35 minutes approx
  • Preparing Time: 2 hrs 30 mins


  • 4 cups of spent grain
  • 2 cups of flour (+ extra for the counter, moving pin, and changing tenacity of the mixture)
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 2 eggs

In case you’re not a homebrewer, you can undoubtedly source spent grain from those that do homemade libation, or even from proficient breweries. The fresher the better. However, you can store spent grain in the cooler for using it later up till seven days.

low fat dog treats


  • Broiler
  • Large Bowl
  • Moving Pin
  • 2 Baking Sheets
  • Charming Assortment of Dog Cookie Cutters and a lager


  1. Preheat the broiler to 350 to make high value dog treats
  2. Dump all the ingredients into a major bowl. Get your paws in there and blend everything completely until you have a pleasant batter ball. Add flour depending on the situation if it’s excessively tack
  3. Separate your mixture into three more modest batter balls for simpler dealing. Pop an additional aiding of flour on top of everyone
  4. Liberally flour up your spotless, dry counter and moving pin, and fold that batter ball into a mixture flapjack. Utilizing your charming arrangement of canine dough shapers. Now, cut out as many canine treats as you
  5. an, re-rolling the pieces depending on the situation. It doesn’t need to be regent. Keep in mind, your canine would be entirely cheerful eating your spent grain from the fertilizer heap. Every one of the styles recorded here is more for you
  6. pot the treats on a perfect treat sheet (no compelling reason to lube it up) and place them on the stove for 30 minutes
  7. At the point when your brief clock goes off, diminish the broiler to 225° for an extra 2 hours. This assists dry with the trip the treats so they don’t get rotten away
  8. When the treats are dry, permit them to cool, and store them in an impenetrable compartment for better results

It’s no big surprise your puppy likes to stick around on brew day. He appreciates the smell similarly as! Go snatch a blend, and prepare a cluster of spent grain treats for your pal.

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