Different species of snakes require different types of substrates. Ball pythons require a moderate humid type of climate, they dig burrows and find a moist place to hide. Ball pythons do best with a humidity temperature of around 55%.

Some of the best substrate for ball pythons are:

  • Aspen Shavings For Ball Python

It is one of the best substrate for ball pythons. Ball pythons require less humidity as compared to other snakes. So, it’s not mandatory to dampen the aspen shedding. Aspen bedding is good because it doesn’t hold moisture and does not need to be changed frequently

  • Orchid Bark

It is another option of best ball python substrate. Orchid bark is low in dust and holds humidity very well and also provides habitat for mites

  • Terry Towels

Terry towels are easy to clean and can be disinfected by machine washing in hot water, bleach, and soap. These are generally suited for reptiles that are suffering from any kind of abdominal injury. If the snake is suffering from an injury or has any kind of open sore, then in that case it’s better to remove all the chunky bits and place a smooth and soft surface which is to be cleaned every day if there are any kind of medical issues, say in ears or eyes.


There are different varieties of cage setups which you can use for your ball python snake. Many of the owners also use a plastic tub setup instead of using the glass one. Tubs do a great job of keeping the tropical species. They easily maintain the temperature and humidity in it as compared to a tank. It’s not necessary to buy an expensive tank every time your snake grows.

In this guide we’ll know about the ball python tub setup:

  • Size Of The Tub

Pythons don’t move a lot so they need a little space for themselves. They are commonly known as pet rocks, which won’t eat unless and until they are in a small cage. The size of the tub depends on the age of your snake. Adults can easily navigate larger enclosures, providing them with a bigger room than their length can be great

  • Providing The Space For Ventilation

Airflow is an important part of creating habitat. For this, you need either a drill with a twist bit or a soldering iron, lighter, and a blade. A ruler or a tape and a permanent marker which is optional but you may need these to mark out the places where you would like to make holes

  • Substrate

Tubs can easily maintain humidity in them, so there are more options for substrate. Moist the substrate as required and place it in the tub

  • Furnishing

Furnishing and bedding of the ball python is important as well as it helps your snake to feel secure. It is important to note that the tub has at least 2 places to hide. Most ball pythons like short, tight places so they can press their bodies up against all sides



A complete self-sustaining ball python habitat kit has a huge natural range which makes ball pythons an adaptable species. They are found both underground and treetops. They like a humid type of climate and an enriched habitat that includes climbing, hiding, and hunting opportunities. Ball pythons require a hot spot whose temperature must be at least 90°F. Utilizing a habitat kit for your snake makes it easy to clean up and with the help of terra firma, it makes them feel like a home.


Ball pythons are a great reptile pet for beginners and they come in thousands of colors. But if you face any sort of problem while petting them then go through the guide and it will Be a great help to you.

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