A perfect balance of nutrients is very important when feeding your dog. Humans and animals need a certain combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins & minerals, and water every day to function normally. Pet food manufacturers work very hard to produce the exact formula that dogs need to stay healthy. Try giving your dog tuffy’s gold dog food, which includes the most essential five dry dog foods, out of which three are claimed to meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles that are required for proper maintenance of dogs. 

See the following list of recipes that are available for tuffy’s dog food in the market. 

  • Tuffy’s Gold Premium Adult Recipe. 
  • Tuffy’s Gold Puppy recipe. 
  • Tuffy’s Gold Premium Maintenance food. 
  • Tuffy’s Gold Premium Performance recipe. 
  • Tuffy’s Gold Premium Rice and Lamb Meal. 

Tuffy’s gold dog food was also selected to represent other food products in the line.


If we judge the tuffy’s puppy food on the basis of its ingredients only, it looks like an average dry food for dogs. But only the ingredient itself cannot tell you the whole story. You still need to estimate the product’s content before analyzing its final ratings. 

Tuffy’s gold dog food is a plant-based kibble that uses a simple amount of lamb meals and chicken byproducts as its excellent sources of animal protein which makes it a brand earning 3 out of 5 stars. Experts definitely recommend this food. 


Trying to choose the right food for your dog? Well, a good diet is one that keeps your dog healthy and fit. There are plenty of dog foods that are available in the market; hence you should always research thoroughly while making an informed decision. 

Below are some points to keep in mind while choosing a perfect dog food:

  • Nutrition

Firstly, you need to get educated about dogs’ nutrition choices. For this, your veterinarian is the best person. If you have any questions regarding feeding your dog, you should always ask a veterinary nutritionist. 

  • Dog food labels

The association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) has developed certain criteria and standards for puppy nutrition, which are reflected in the tuffy’s gold puppy food. Always remember to choose foods with meat-based items mentioned as some priority ingredients at the back of the product. Also, remember to avoid foods that have excess chemical preservatives like corn, soy, and wheat. 

  • Ask people

Educated pet owners can give you the best recommendations regarding dog food but remember that not everyone is an expert in canine nutrition. Hence, you should always talk to other pet owners, gather information. But keep in mind that different dogs can react differently to the same food. Hence, be wise to take your own decision. 

  • Feeding your dog

Most of the food companies offer money-back guarantees or even samples. So always let your dog try the food before making your final decision. Always get a variety of dog food to observe, which is the one that your dog loves. Now that you have got the perfect food, slowly change your dog’s diet by adding the new food with the old food for several days. In case your dog develops any symptoms of illness, immediately see your vet.


Ultimately, as an owner, you are the only one who is eligible to decide what food suits the best for your dog. It would be best if you considered a variety of things before getting the perfect food for your puppy. Remember that your dog’s health solely depends on the food you give him. 

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