Since the majority of dogs enjoy eating anything they can get into their mouths, some individuals think that all dog foods are equal. As long as dogs are given enough food, they should be fine! After all, stray dogs can just survive on nothing but trash, right? Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Feeding your dog with cheaper and low-quality brands is almost equivalent to feeding your child chips for every meal every day. So, before you step out and buy your next bag of dog food, research the wagg dog food reviews first. 


Wag dog food holds great value. It is a food that is utterly loved by dogs and it comes in A 12kg large bag. For the price you’ll pay, you won’t find any better option than this. For people looking to mix a good dry dog food with a wet option, wagg dog food could definitely turn out to be a good option. 


As expected, wag dog food has a decent range of dog foods that make up the whole Wagg range. Moreover, you can always go through the wagg dog food reviews first. 

You can choose from a range of various products such as Wagg Adult, Wagg worker, Wagg Wheat Free, Wagg Training Treats, and wagg puppy. Each of these comes with different variations & recipes so you would always be able to find a great fit that suits your dog. 

Now, let’s talk about the different varieties they offer. 

  • Wagg Worker

Wagg Worker is further divided into two separate groups. One is the worker line and the other one is the Kennel line. If you are looking for a great puppy food that is specially made for active dogs, then you can choose from any of the two options available. You can simply select between Veg & Chicken and Beef and Veg and you’ll be good to go. 

  • Wagg Adult

Wagg Adult is a renowned adult dog food that comes in the same flavors as seen in the Wagg Worker food range. 

In case you are searching for an inexpensive food alternative for your adult dog of any breed, you can select either beef or chicken, whichever your dog likes. The main difference between Wagg Worker & Wagg adult is that there are fewer carbohydrates in the Adult food range. 

  • Wag For Special Diets

There are many limited choices for dogs with special diets which we were happy to see works well for them. There is a rice and chicken recipe that goes easy on your digestive system. Chicken and Rice is especially for the senior dogs and there is also a wheat-free option available for puppies with an intolerance to wheat. 

  • Wagg Puppy

There is one special recipe made available for small puppies at Wagg and it is related to chicken. Unlike other chicken meals, this puppy food has a healthy proportion of additives and yucca that supports the growth and development of your puppy. 

In case you have a cat too, you can choose to try the wagg wet cat food as it is a premium food for cats of all sizes and breeds. 


So, is Wagg a good dog food? In short, YES! It definitely is. The ratio of cost and quality is super attractive and dogs really love the taste of the options that are available in the market. If you are looking for premium quality dog food that provides your furry companion with all the necessary nutrition that it needs to survive, then Wagg is a great choice. You can surely go for it.

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