Meat is a crucial element of a dog’s balanced diet. So, it’s always good to see what you’re feeding your dog. But that never means that you can provide your dog with meat, moreover raw meat. Can dogs eat raw bacon? Due to the carnivorous nature of a dog, a majority of dog owners don’t really think twice before feeding their dogs bacon.

Observe and learn, can dogs eat raw bacon or not. Below you’ll also learn about some best alternatives of bacon. 

can dogs have raw bacon


One simple and straight answer to this is NO! They cannot have raw bacon. It would always be great if you avoid feeding your dog bacon. Even if it’s a bit too poisonous or harmful, you should not feed this to your dog. It can be harmful to them. Bacon is pork that is conserved using salting, curing and smoking. Hence, it can have worse side effects on dogs unlike humans. 

In the year 2015, it was found that some meats such as sausage, pork or bacon are connected to cancer. It is super rich in fatty foods and has a higher salt content and it can be tough for the dog’s stomach and he could be unable to handle it. Eating such huge amounts of fat can lead to pancreatitis that can be fatal to your dog’s death. 

This goes for other meats too. Nothing is good for your furry friend. The higher salt portion of sand can cause thirst in your dog which could lead to a severe health condition such as ‘bloat’, where the stomach of a dog is filled up with air and gas and can explode anytime. The thirst would eventually make your dog drink lots of water at a time and can lead to bloating. 


Yes, bacon is bad for dogs. It could lead to diseases such as:

  • COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which results from sodium nitrate content in bacon
  • It can also lead to obesity, which can further lead to cardiovascular diseases

Also, you should not mix up your dog’s regular food with bacon’s grease as it is highly rich in calories and fats and can cause clogged and pumped up arteries. It can also lead to issues in your dog’s GI tract and can cause diarrhea which can cause harmful parasites like trichinella larve etc. It can further lead to diarrhea, upset stomach, Stiffness, pain and muscle inflammation. 

dog ate raw bacon


You should never feed your dog with something that has short term taste and long term illness. Dogs are omnivores so you cannot feed them all types of meat especially bacon. Below are some great alternatives to bacon. 

  • Chicken

It is a very nutritious yet affordable alternative which has high protein content and less fats. Also, dogs love chicken. But, chicken contains salmonella bacteria which can make your dog extremely sick. So, you need to make sure that the chicken is cooked properly before you serve it to your puppy. 

  • Turkey

Turkey is almost as similar as chicken but it contains lesser fat. It has a slightly different taste as compared to chicken. It is a great alternative to bacon as it is rich in protein. If it suits your dog, he is the luckiest. There are plenty of turkey included foods that can be provided to your dog on a regular basis. 

  • Pork

Providing pork-flavored treats to your dog can do wonders. It’s scrumptious and nutritious at the same time and has a soft texture for better chewing. The chewing sound will let you know how much your dog loves his pork treats. These treats are curated from real and fresh pork as the main ingredient. 

If you think that your dog ate raw bacon, then remember that whether cooked or raw, it can cause serious damage to your furry friend in the long-term. And, it can cause diarrhea, inflammation and other digestive issues in the short-run. 


Below are some of the major reasons why bacon can be harmful for your furry friend. Some of them are:

  • Pancreatitis: Due to the fat content, pancreatitis in dogs may occur. This condition is not a small problem. It might need surgeries and could be disastrous for your canine. Hence, avoid giving bacon to your dog
  • Obesity: Due to the richness of calories in Bacon, it can easily add up to the weight of your dog leading to obesity, cardiovascular disease and hypothyroidism. If you think that your dog ate raw bacon, then observe if he develops symptoms like vomiting, stomach pain or diarrhea. If he does, immediately consult the doctor. Also, the high portion of salt in bacon can lead to higher blood pressure levels in dogs


With everything being talked about above, there are still some firms that manufacture low-fat and low-sodium bacon recipes to treat your dog occasionally. 

If you’re looking for some bacon-safe products that is safe for your dogs then you can go for:

  1. Crav’n Bac’n Bites, which are chewy and soft and are great for treating your puppy occasionally. It has real bacon and each bite has only three calories. The whole recipe includes, Bacon & chicken, pork and duck. 
  2. Wild Weenies Bac’n Me Crazy Recipe can surely be your dog’s favorite treat. It has frozen and dried dog treats that contain red meat, 95%bacon and other organs that makes the snack all the more tasty and nutritious. 
  3. Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust recipe will surely enhance the meal time of your dog. You just need to sprinkle it on your dog’s meal and serve. It’s made up of organs, red meat and fresh bacon. Your doggie will surely love it. 


In the end, eating fatty foods like bacon can harm your dog’s stomach incredibly. Hence, you need to play it extra safe. Consult your veterinarian in case you want to test giving your dog some bacon.

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