Chicken wire fencing, poultry netting is a wired mesh which is generally used to fence in fowl like chickens in a coop or a run. It is made from flexible and thin galvanized wire made of steel with hexagonal gaps in it. Chicken wire fence for dogs is comparatively cheap in price and it is also easy to handle and work with and it also attracts many of the new chicken keepers.

There is always a possibility that a wire can tear or break. If there are any kind of exposed or loose ends it can cause harm to your animals and can also lead to some serious wounds or injuries. Therefore it is recommended to carry out a routine maintenance of the fence in order to check whether the pieces or the ends aren’t loosened up. It is also advised not to use wire as flooring in a pen or coop because it can injure the foot.

fence for dogs


Chicken wire fence for dogs is an inexpensive material which is commonly used to build up a fence. It is very much easy to build up a square or a rectangular fence. Measure and mark the area or the place where you will be putting up the dog fence. The chicken fence also provides a protection which prevents the dog from digging under the fence successfully. One last but not the least thing which can be done is to connect the chicken wire with the metal stakes with the help of the wooden posts or you can also attach metal wire with the help of nails or thick staples.


When it comes to renting or buying a home then a fenced in the yard is the first option which strikes in the mind of the dog owners. But if you aren’t that lucky to have a fence at your home then don’t worry it’s an easy task to build one yourself.

From a heavy outdoor fencing to puppy playpens a cheap dog fence is a perfect solution to keep your dog safe. There are many options of fence for dogs which you can easily find on the internet, but finding the right one with the right price can be a challenge for you.

Now, we will know regarding some of the best fence for dogs:

  • Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is a classic choice of fence which is also the best for your dog run. This is one of the best fences for dogs, especially for the extra active pups who need a strong dog fence that is blocked from people walking around. Wooden fences are mostly tall and also prevent your dog from jumping over the fence to roam or explore around the neighborhood.

  • Chain Link Fence

This chain is also known as cyclone fence which is low in cost and does not require a lot of maintenance. These types of fencing helps your dog to see through. If you are tense that your dog may be too loud then you can weave fabric or plastic strips through the chain link in order to block the view. Another enclosure which you can make with this type of fence is a chain link dog kennel.

  • Vinyl Fence

Unlike wooden or chain link fences the vinyl will not twist, wrap or rust. Vinyl fences are durable so the sellers offer an amazing discount on their fences. Vinyl fence is 7 times stronger than the wooden one and will also last longer. Vinyl is comparatively more flexible than wood, which means it can handle more force and weight, which is quite good if you are having a large dog breed and especially the ones who like to jump.

It can also be cleaned very easily and is also very much handy when your dog is nosing around the fence. If the place where you live is a muddy region then vinyl is the best fence for your dogs in the Pacific Northwest areas. If you want to clean the fence then it’s also a very easy job just take a little soap and give a hard spray of water and the mud and the dirt will go off easily and it will be clean like before.

chicken wire garden fence


Chicken wire fence is used for fencing poultry like chickens etc, and it can also be utilized for many other things as well. Chicken wire fencing is a great option for your garden area. It will help to keep out the rabbits, chicken, deer and cats. Chicken wire garden fence is a mesh fencing which is traditionally used to impound poultry. Besides being durable, chicken wire fencing is also flexible and it’s also easy to cut. There are many such fencing which have heavy gauges and make it difficult to cut and also to install for example- chain link.


Chicken wire fencing is used to surround the garden area, which helps to keep out the plant eating pests away. If you want to keep out the pests who can dig then you have to submerge a portion of chicken wire underneath the ground.

Some of the basic uses of chicken wire fencing:

  • It is commonly used in poultry pen
  • Chicken wire fencing gives support to the crops
  • Helps in pest control
  • This type of fencing is also used for children’s playgrounds, fishing, garden etc
  • It can also be used to make boundaries for flower beds or vegetable crops


In conclusion we recommend you to use the chicken wire fencing because it is an inexpensive way of enclosing a small number of garden chickens under your supervision and it also keeps the area around you clean. It is best to use something tougher and is also the best if you are thinking of making it for permanent housing. Don’t use wire fencing because it can severely damage the foot.

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