A sedative is a kind of antibiotic that can be used both in humans as well as animals to help them relax and reduce anxiety. Like other anesthetics which make a pet unresponsive, sedative makes the animal slightly drowsy and clam and still allows them to interact with the environment. Sedatives are non-addictive. There are some pets who get stressed out more than others, and some others get scared easily.


Imagine that you have to clip your dog’s fur or may have to trim his toenails and he is sitting quietly and you can handle him the way you want to just to make your job done. But it’s just an imaginary thought because almost all the dogs bark, whine or they will try to get rid of doing a haircut. If you take your dog to the groomer he can be more anxious because he is totally unfamiliar with the smell, sounds, and the surroundings, so it can even make the situation worse for the dog.

To avoid your dog from going through such stress they are given dog tranquilizer pills as a dog sedative for grooming. If you are not a veterinarian then it’s not recommended for you to sedate your dog. There are many other types of natural pet sedatives that may work and also some medicines such as benadryl which does not require any kind of prescription but should be used under proper supervision.


Natural sedative for dogs are made from the extracts of herbs and flowers such as lavender and chamomile. There are many more natural and calming products like pheromones that help to calm an anxious dog. There are medications that can solve this problem but there are also some natural sedatives that you can try for your dog.

Some of the natural sedative for dogs are:

  • Give your dog a massage.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Give supplements to your dog which will help him calm down his stress, but use only as prescribed by the veterinarian.


Gabapentin is a pain-relieving and antiepileptic drug that is prescribed by the Veterinarian to heal anxiety issues and seizure pain in dogs. This medication is basically used in humans, it is used by the veterinarian too but is not yet approved to be used for pets. Before giving any medication to your pet, at first always consult with your veterinarian regarding the treatment.

Here’s what you should know about the gabapentin side effects for dogs;

Always go through your vet’s advice before choosing any kind of drug for your pet. Dogs who are suffering from kidney or liver disease, or the ones who are pregnant and the dogs who are on other medication should consult with their veterinarian before gabapentin into their dogs. Gabapentin causes deficiency in vitamin D, vitamin B1, etc. But this can slow the recovery time and the vet may prescribe supplements to make up for these deficiencies.


There are many other choices of sedative drugs available in the market that can be given to the dogs before the grooming session starts. Sedatives can only be given as per the vet’s advice. You should not give sedatives to your dog if you don’t have complete knowledge regarding it.

Now, the question comes how to sedate a dog at home for grooming? The dosage of sedative should be given as per the vet’s guidelines. There are various options for sedative drugs for dogs which include diazepam etc. It is found that many dog owners use Benadryl for sedating their dogs. Sedatives can be given along with the food and can also be given with the treats if he is not willing to eat them.

There are many alternate ways by which you can sedate your dog, but make sure that the sedative is given under your vet’s supervision.

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