Guinea pigs are super lovable and cute. They are very unique from other pets as they are little adorable personalities. But, it doesn’t take very long to figure out that they too have certain drawbacks. And here it is – Guinea pigs pee and poop a lot. 

In your guinea pig cage, you can try keeping guinea pig fleece cage liner or guinea pig cage liners. You can also find customized guinea pig fleece cage liner that works out the best for both your pet and your family. But, have you ever thought about how to keep the guinea pig fleece liners clean? 

Do you know how to keep the cage fresh and clean? Well, the fact is you can never have a complete Non-smelling cage but you can definitely minimize it to some extent. 

Below are our pro tips and tricks that can help you to keep fleece liner guinea pigs smelling fresh and hygienic. 


  • Make Sure That The Fleece Has A Nice Porous Later

The first & the most important thing that you should know is that you should have a porous layer under the fleece that can absorb things. Many people use towels and sheets under the cage liners. However, you should always get high-quality fleece liners from a renowned pet store. The fabric should be great enough for your guinea pig cage. The best part about them is that these liners can easily go over the sides and up the coroplast and these are very similar to bedsheets. This makes cleaning the cage easier and guinea pigs also cannot go under the fleece to cause difficulty. 

  • Set Up A Sheltered Kitchen Space

Putting fleece liners will comparatively reduce the stress for you. It is nearly impossible to potty train guinea pigs but it is very essential to find one final spot for them to poop. For this, you can use cardboard trays instead of plastic ones. Prefer keeping a water bottle by the tray. Drape a fleece liner at the end of the cage and make the piggies feel secured and safe. 

  • Clean The Cage Once Every Week

You need to be strict with your routine and clean the guinea pig cage once every week. You can also clean or change the fleece liner as required. 

  • Prevent Issues By Avoiding Spills

Use a tip-proof bowl as it is the best way to reduce cage or fleece mess. This bowl would save a lot of your money and potential as your guinea pigs won’t be able to waste more kibbles. The top-proof bowl is great for two guinea pigs at a time. You can easily keep your guinea pigs away from bladder stones by providing them fresh hay, water, and a cup of veggies regularly. 

  • Utilize A Laundry Hamper

A laundry bag would be bliss for you in the whole cleanup process. It is basically a polyester bag that keeps all the poop and hay out of your washing machine. You can use laundry detergent and add half a cup of vinegar to it and shake it nicely before drying. This bag is a lifesaver, trust us! 


Fleece liners primarily use a customized coroplast tray and are designed perfectly to fit the cage of your guinea pig. It provides a great and hygienic kitchen space where you can keep the water bottle, hay, and food for your pets. This area is going to have heavy pee and poo activities. However, fleece liners are very convenient to use, lift or dump it and clean.

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