One of the main reasons people love aquarium plants so much is their power to absorb toxic nitrogenous compounds produced by fish waste. But what if your fishes are natural plant killers? Well, if they are, don’t worry! We have got your back. It’s time for you to get a pothos plant for the aquarium! Well, pothos in the fish tanks won’t filter out toxic particles from the aquarium. Still, they can reduce nitrate levels and algae growth to a great extent so that you don’t need to change the water regularly to keep your fish healthy and happy.


Pothos in aquarium is a renowned houseplant that is also known as ‘devil’s ivy’. This plant is extremely hard and is super difficult to kill or destroy. The best part about pothos is that they can survive in dark conditions and low light.

You can spot pothos not only in fish tanks but also in bioactive terrariums. The only con it possesses is that it is dangerous for dogs and other pets if eaten. However, it’s not harmful to fish, so it’s okay.


You can very easily spot the potho plant in your nearest nursery or hardware store. You are not necessarily required to get a huge plant as they grow very rapidly and easily, especially in aquariums with many fish waste. However, experts recommend getting the small pothos plant pot.

In case you are someone who’s a budget freak, you can start with just a single pothos leaflet and place it under the roots in the water. For rapid growth, you can use a leaf that has already grown roots in water. Remember to wash the dirt and fertilizer on the roots thoroughly not to affect the fish.

If you have plant-eating fish, stick the pothos in water with fish hanging sump to keep it out of any danger. Eventually, the pothos will grow great vines with which you can create a beautiful jungle environment for your fishes to swim in and out. However, you can always trim the roots if they are too dense. Pothos plants are among the best and the cheapest filtration you can get as it has the superpower to keep the nitrate levels down and prevent algae growth.


Keeping pothos in your fish tanks has several underrated benefits. Some of them are:

  • Removes Nitrates

Nitrates are usually the end product of the nitrogen cycle that takes place in every healthy aquarium. It can be removed by changing the water regularly. However, pothos plants have the ability to act as filters and remove toxic nitrates from the water. They also help in reducing algae growth. Pothos is a great choice if you are looking for a cheap and natural aquarium filter.

  • Provides Cover

Pothos plants have the ability to grow rapidly. After the establishment of roots, they would grow leaves as well. Pothos can have a great root system which is the perfect cover for your fish.

  • Great Decor

Apart from lucky bamboo, the pothos plant also looks stunning and absolutely gorgeous, not only in a pot but also in fish tanks. It gives away a more natural look to your fish tank. You can also hang them on the lid or fish tank sumps. Pothos tend to have dense roots, which can make a great jungle for your fish to swim.


Now that you know, pothos has a lot of benefits, but it can also cause problems if your fishes are omnivores or you own pets. Consider all the above-mentioned factors before getting the beautiful plant for your fish tank.

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